Hi All,

This is the CNS (Central Nerve System) for all my businesses; please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or wish to place an order.

Tradie.Insure / OurTradieLady
* Protecting Your Interests & Covering Your Assets *
I have over 20yrs experience as a General Insurance Broker and OWN my own insurance brokerage which has niche specialisations for;
Tradies / Couriers / Chauffeurs / Limos &  High End Vehicles, Jetskis (PWC) & Boats .
The list doesnt stop there, I am able to assist with all your insurable risks – The complete A-Z Suite of General Insurance Products including;
• Personal Insurance Business & Commercial Liability, Aviation, Marine, Industrial & Indemnity • Rural/Hobby Farms, Machinery, Hay Sheds, Crop • Farm Motor Vehicles, Quads, Bloodstock & Livestock • Home, Contents, Valuables, Holiday Homes • Prestige Home, Contents, Valuables & Fine Arts • Landlords Investment Properties, Vacant Land • Unit Owners’ Contents & Rent Protection • Strata Title Properties (Residential & Commercial) • Motor Vehicles, Horse floats & Trailers, Motor Cycles • Caravans & Motorhomes, Go Karts & Golf Buggies • Prestige / Vintage Motor Vehicles, Replica Kit Cars • Watercraft (Jetskis, Boats & Yachts) • Trades Packages – Liability, Tools & Personal Accident • Commercial Vehicles, Fleet & Heavy Motor Vehicles • Transport Operators & Motor Trades Liability • Cranes, Plant & Equipment, Earthmoving & Demolition • Construction & Contract Works (annual & single risks) • Business Property (Fire & Perils, Flood, Accidental Damage • Theft, Money, Glass, Public & Products Liability • Business Interruption (downtime), Transit, Carriers Cargo • Breakdown (Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic Equipment) • General Property (laptops, mobile phones, tools) • Tax Audit, Product Recall & Tampering • Directors & Officers, Employment Practices, IT Liability • Environmental Impairment, Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion • Management Liability, Statutory Liability, Pollution • Industrial Special Risks – Commercial Property • Cyber & Personal Protection • Professional Indemnity • Medical Malpractice Indemnity &Liability • Aviation & Hangar Liability • Airport Operators Liability & Charterer Liability • Marine Hull, Protection & Indemnity, Marine Liability • Legal Defence Costs, Umbrella Liability, Intellectual Property


MICROMEALS – Specialised High Protein/ Low Carb Meals for those who have had WLS / elderly or can only eat small portions


AQUAKAT – Fill Up Anywhere – Spring Water From your Top/Bottle – Take the Nasties out of your wine / water & any liquid
* Your Holistic Ecological Total Water Solution *
Enriches All Life – Humans, Animals & Our Environment
Revitalized  & Energised Alkaline Spring Water Quality straight to Your Tap, Shower, Fridge, Washing Machine or even Swimming Pool.

  • Easily fitted
  • Maintenance FREE
  • No filters
  • No running costs
  • No magnets
  • No chemicals
  • No electricity
  • No Running Costs
  • Spring Water quality directly from your tap
  • Hardness stabilisation and lime homogenisation
  • Breakdown of existing limescale deposits
  • No rust or red discolouration


MG – AMAZING OILS – Explore & Enjoy the Magic of Organic Magnesium Oil 
* Organic Magnesium Oil – Aches/Pains/Cramps/Migraines/Colds & more *
(this can show as a tingling sensation when applied, it is quite normal and will cease after a few uses once your body starts to balance)
Discover the simple little compound that can assist with the following within 30 seconds of application;
• Reduces Fatigue • Relief of Stress, Worry, Depression, Anxiety & Irritability • Relief of Back/Neck & Other Pain & Swollen Joints • Bursitis & Tennis Elbow • RSI • Restless Legs • Joint Pain • Inflammation both Internally & Externally • Fat & Carb Burning • Relief of Muscle Spasms & Cramps including PMS • Better Sleep Patterns • Wake Up Refreshed • Increased Happiness & Wellbeing • Improving Digestion & Absorption of Nutrients • Boosting Immune System & Fighting Infections • Reducing Migraines & Headaches • Increased Memory, Concentration & Cognition • Lowering of Blood Pressure & Cholesterol • Regulation of Insulin • Hormone Balancing & Increased DHEA • Energy Boosting • Detoxification & Neutralization of Toxins • Reverse the Signs of Aging • Stronger Teeth, Bones & Hair • Smoother Softer Skin • Reduces Blemishes • Increased Sexual Energy and Relief of Erectile Dis-function • Calming of Central Nervous System • Repair of Nerve Damage & relief of Sciatica • Increased Muscle Tone & Stamina  • Stabilizing APT for RNA & DNA Signalling & Repair • Improved Healing Time for Injuries  – Clothing That’s Actually Practical, Versatile & Comfortable
* 4REVA, whoever, wherever, whatever – 4REVA clothing is for you *
 My Very own clothing label bridging the gap in the market for 4way comfy reversible clothing; this clothing is pretty damn awesome, not only do you have multiple different pieces in the one piece but the colour range means that these pieces are soo versatile that they can be either form the basis of your wardrobe or compliment your already favourite pieces. Feel comfortable and look great in clothing.