CLOTHING – www.4reva.com
4REVA, whoever, wherever, whatever – 4REVA clothing is for you
I also am releasing my very own clothing label to bridge the gap in the market for 4way comfy reversible clothing; this clothing is pretty damn awesome, not only do you have multiple different pieces in the one piece but the colour range means that these pieces are soo versatile that they can be either form the basis of your wardrobe or compliment your already favourite pieces. Comfy Cotton based garments with a touch of stretch magic in to give it the ultra comfort – 2 main styles – SNUG & SLOUCH. Women have shape naturally – granted that there are different shapes and it’s often hard to dress to your shape so we have been working really hard and are pleased to release a line of clothing that looks great on all shapes & sizes – whether you are hippy, chesty, flat, curvy, V, Pear or Square;  our styles fit and suit you whether you are a size 8 – 20 you can feel comfortable and look great in 4REVA.com clothing.

SNUG is just that, it feels like a hug & gives you shape, control and support (this style is their to show off your natural womanly features and smooth out lumps, bumps and troublesome areas WITHOUT feeling like you are wearing waist-trainers, gut-suckers and all those other uncomfortable restrictive undergarments that you have layered under your clothing to try and look that size smaller or more defined.
SLOUCH is the opposite, it’s the comfy clothes that often feel like you are wearing nothing at all, our unique style cuts give you a flattering look that makes you feel like you wearing your favourite comfy trackies and hoodie without looking like a hessian bag or “TenTonneTessie” hahaha that lovely haunt from the 80’s that you were scared shitless of becoming. A lovely flowy style of clothing perfect for all occasions EVEN when you are feeling “Meh”