I have over 18yrs experience as a General Insurance Broker and OWN my own insurance brokerage Austplan General Insurance Brokers which has niche specialisations for;

Tradies / Couriers / Chauffeurs / Limos 
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Tradie.Insure –
These industries are often not treated as the VIP’s that they SHOULD be!!! I believe that you guys and girls keep our economy going and without a Plumber, Electrician, Builder, Carpenter, Handyman, Roofer (just to name a few…) we would become a Third World Country very quickly.  And… without our Transport Operators such as Truckies / Couriers / Chauffeurs / Limo Drivers / Shuttle Services – people, food and apparel would take a lot longer to be delivered & picked up  Locally & Australia Wide. Therefore, I decided to specialise in managing insurance for these industries.

I have looked after insurance for nearly 1000 Pest Controllers nationwide and it took me less than 5yrs to build this up from just 35 clients – word got out that I CARED and I WANTED to help, I became their PEST INSURANCE PERSON, a FRIEND – someone they knew, like and trust. Not wanting to stop there I decided to expand the NICHE and have opened it up to TRADIES & COURIERS (predominantly the sole traders / owner-operated businesses – the small guys that often are just a number to others – not to me!!) I have been able to negotiate special discounted terms for these trades and have developed simple, no fuss solutions that make it easy for you and you even have the option to pay your insurance off monthly if this is more convenient. I am even happy to talk to you outside the normal 9-5 day as I understand you are usually onsite or working during the day.

Jetskis (PWC) & Boats 
I have always like anything water-based and cant get enough of the big deep blue – so have a soft spot for making sure that people have the right coverage for their Personal Watercraft and Pleasurecraft even Commercial Craft like Dredging Platforms & Trawlers, Houseboats and Deep Sea Fishing Vessels.
Whatever boat you float – if you cant afford to fork out the $$ for a new one – protect your assets – please make sure it’s insured properly – give me a call, I am here to help.–

All Other General Insurance  (If it has an insurable interest I can pretty much insure it)
– Your One-Stop-Hub for ALL of your General Insurance Needs –
(Home & Contents, Landlords, Vehicles, Trucks, Plant & Equipment, Bikes, Farms, Bloodstock, Livestock, Construction, Tools, Personal Accident & Sickness, Professional Indemnity and many more…)–